Charter: Piers of Departures

In most cases, our customers want their charter cruise to leave from Helsinki Market Square. The most popular island destination is Suomenlinna. That´s the reason you may find the maps of those piers of departures in the end of this page.

However, we at JT-Line´s know Helsinki archipelago like ”the backs of our hands”, and there are several other places to start your cruise, as well as several other awesome island destinations in addition to Suomenlinna. Please ask our sales for more information!

Piers of departures in Helsinki Market Square:

Click here >> to see ”Kauppatori 4” -pier in ”Google Maps” map service
Click here >> to see ”Kauppatori 20” -pier in ”Google Maps” map service
Click here >> to see ”Lyypekinlaituri” -pier in ”Google Maps” map service

Piers of departures in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress:

Click here >> to open an official Suomenlinna map