Terms & Conditions

Reservation Terms and Conditions


JT-Line Oy adheres to the following terms and conditions with regard to reservations of catering services and cancellation of confirmed reservations.  These terms and conditions shall be valid and binding on both parties after a customer confirms a reservation by phone, email or in writing by fax or post. The customer has to cancel a reservation which he / she is not going to use.


When a reservation is confirmed by a customer, JT-Line Oy sends them a confirmation of the reservation by email, fax or post at request. The details of the reservation can be seen on the confirmation. If a customer wishes to change the contents of an order, he/she must contact JT-Line Oy’s office as soon as possible. The contents of a confirmed reservation can only be changed if it is possible in view of JT-Line Oy’s other reservations for the same day. Please be aware that making any changes to your JT-Line reservation is likely to result in an increase of the final price.

If the departure of the boat is delayed or the duration of the cruise is lengthened due to a customer’s fault, JT-Line Oy will charge the customer an additional fee for every half hour or part thereof, in accordance with the boat’s normal hourly charge. However, there will be no extra charge for a delay of 15 minutes or if the duration of the cruise is lengthened by 15 minutes at the most. The cruise is over when all the passengers have disembarked.

All the catering services must be ordered and determined in advance, at the latest 8 days prior to departure. All the food catering and coffee/tea serving ordered in advance shall be invoiced according to the number of people which the customer has confirmed in writing 8 days prior to the cruise. Drinks will be invoiced in accordance with consumption.

JT-Line Oy sends the customer an invoice after the cruise. If it has been agreed with JT-Line Oy’s office in advance, the cruise, the catering and possible guiding services etc. can be fully or partially paid for on board the boat either in cash, by Finnish bank card or by the most common credit cards (Visa Electron, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners and American Express).


The date of cancellation will be the date when JT-Line Oy receives written notice. If a customer proves that the cancellation was sent early enough to arrive at its destination on time, the cancellation will be accepted even if it was late or did not arrive at all.

If a customer cancels a confirmed reservation less than seven days prior to departure, the total sum of the charter fee will be charged. If a customer cancels a confirmed reservation 7-14 days prior to departure, 50% of the total sum of the charter fee will be charged. If a confirmed reservation is cancelled 15 days prior to departure, no cancellation fee will be charged. The above-mentioned cancellation terms and conditions apply to both the rent of the boat and the catering services.

If a customer cancels services ordered from JT-Line Oy’s cooperation partners (for example guiding services) through JT-Line Oy, the terms and conditions of the cooperation partners in question apply.


The transport terms and conditions which apply for the transport of passengers and freight can be obtained from JT-Line Oy’s office. JT-Line Oy’s responsibility is limited to the Finnish Maritime Act.


Possible complaints must always be made immediately to the crew of the boat/a member of the crew. If this is not possible and no satisfactory solution can be found, or a claim for compensation is included in the solution, the complaint must be made in writing within a month and sent to the following address:

JT-Line Oy / Customer Feedback
Vironkatu 3
00170 Helsinki

Or by e-mail: info (at) jt-line.fi

JT-Line Oy reserves a month’s handling time for dealing with a complaint.


JT-Line Oy cannot accept liability for any costs or inconvenience caused by natural conditions like adverse weather. JT-Line Oy has the right to cancel a reservation in case of circumstances which are beyond our control, Force Majeure. Naturally, in that case no fees will be charged to the customer.