Our environmental policy

Environmental responsibility


Our company aims to reduce the impact our business operations have on the environment. To achieve this, we set yearly targets for all of our operations, and review the outcomes. We also continually search for new methods to sustainably improve our operations.
We hope to instill our values in all of our employees, so that they can through their own actions help reduce the strain on the environment. We also want to advise our customers to recycle, and help them understand the impact of their choices, especially the effect they have on the nature and waters of our archipelago. We also encourage our business partners to act in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

We abide by environmental legislation, and are committed to developing our operations in line with sustainable tourism principles. This happens for example by organising our transport effectively, as well as striving for an economical, and ecological method of driving.
In our acquisitions we pay attention to sustainable choices, as well as the recyclability of the products. We are continually refining how we recycle waste on board our vessels, and we also choose cleaning chemicals that strain the environment as little as possible.
To implement our environmental policies and aims, we have an environmental team that is responsible for training, and committing, our staff to our targets, as well as devising new ways to continually improve the sustainability of our operations.

JT-Line wants to be a part of the progress, to improve the prerequisites allowing for sustainable travel in the archipelago, and also preserve them for the future.

JT-Line has been awarded the EcoCompass-environmental certificate in September 2020.