For Groups

Pihlajasaari: Groups


Adults: 7,00 € / person
Children (7-17 years): 4,00 € / person
Senior citizens: 4,00 € / person
School groups:
(pupils and teachers)
4,00 € / person

The group tickets are return tickets. The fares are valid if the size of the group is at least 10, and the whole group has to travel on the same boat. Payments are made in cash or with bank or credit card to the conductor on the boat. Other arrangements for payment, for instance invoicing, must be agreed upon in advance, in which case an invoicing charge of 10 € will be added to the invoice.

We kindly ask groups to notify our office of their voyage to Pihlajasaari in advance, so that we can be prepared to accommodate a greater number of passengers for the voyage in question. Please note that we cannot reserve any seats for groups, but passengers are taken on board in the order in which they arrive. This is why we recommend that groups arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

We prefer group reservations by e-mail: info (at) To make a reservation, we need the following information: a name of the group, the contact person´s name and phone number, number of passangers, times of departures and a way of payment. When paying by an invoice, we also need the invoicing address beforehand.