Timetable Hakaniemi – Vallisaari

Timetable Hakaniemi – Vallisaari

The timetable will be updated soon! 

The waterbus service from Hakaniemi to Vallisaari is operated every day from 12th June to 30th August 2020.

The outward journey from Hakaniemi to Vallisaari takes about 25 minutes.

Round-trip / one-day-ticket to Vallisaari Island:

Adults: 10 €
Children (7-17 years): 5 €
Discounted travel *): 5 €

*) You are eligible for discounted travel if you are:

  • a pensioner receiving national or guarantee pension
  • a full-time student
  • a conscript or a person undergoing non-military service

With this one-day-ticket passengers can travel on any of these routes, as many journeys as they wish during one day:

  • Helsinki Market Square-Vallisaari-Helsinki Market Square
  • Hakaniemi-Vallisaari-Hakaniemi
  • Vallisaari-Lonna-Suomenlinna (Tykistölahti)-Vallisaari

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden for visitors to start open fires or dig holes on Vallisaari. The island has no barbecue sheds, and visitors are not allowed to bring their own barbecues onto the island. Following the marked routes ensures that the natural environment is not disturbed or harmed. Dogs are allowed on Vallisaari and on the water buses to Vallisaari, but they must be kept on a leash. Our vessels accommodate prams, and the marked routes in Vallisaari are suitable for prams. However, light prams may prove difficult to manoeuvre along the routes.