Terms of use of JT-Line Oy’s ticket product in the Whim app

Terms of use of JT-Line Oy’s ticket product in the Whim app

During summer 2020, JT-Line’s Island Hopping ticket will be sold in Maas Global’s Whim app. This is a limited trial in the Whim app. The terms of use of the Island Hopping ticket sold in the Whim app are described below.

Island Hopping ticket in the Whim app

Waterbus operator JT-Line’s Island Hopping ticket will be sold in Maas Global’s Whim app from 10 August 2020 until 27 September 2020.

Adult Island Hopping tickets will be available during this period. The price of an adult ticket purchased in the Whim app is EUR 12.

Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge when accompanied by a guardian. Tickets for children aged 7-16 can be purchased directly from JT-Line or on the vessel. Discounted tickets for certain groups (pensioners, students, conscripts or persons undergoing non-military service) are also sold by JT-Line or on the vessel.

Customers can purchase more than one Island Hopping ticket through the app. Each ticket must be purchased separately, and they are displayed separately with their individual QR code in the Whim app under: Tickets.

The Island Hopping adult ticket purchased via the Whim app is valid as soon as it is purchased until 3 am on the day following the day of purchase.

During its validity, the Island Hopping ticket entitles its holder to unlimited travel between the Market Square, Suomenlinna, Lonna and Vallisaari on JT-Line’s waterbuses. Customers can view the waterbus timetables via the Whim app or by visiting JT-Line’s website.

The Island Hopping ticket purchased from the Whim app is non-transferable and non-refundable.
JT-Line Oy is not liable to compensate customers for any consequences caused by reasons of a force majeure nature. These include, but are not limited to, technical faults, weather conditions and obstructions to traffic.

Use of the ticket

The price of a ticket purchased from the Whim app is charged to the customer’s credit card linked to the Whim app.

The purchased Island Hopping ticket is displayed in the Whim app under: Tickets.
Each purchased Island Hopping ticket has its own unique QR code.

The purchased Island Hopping ticket must be displayed on the client’s mobile device to the ticket inspector on the JT-Line waterbus, who reads the ticket’s QR code. The inspector must be shown the actual ticket in the Whim app: a screenshot of the ticket will not be accepted.

The QR code provides the inspector with the ticket’s details, here: Island Hopping ticket, price group, here: adult and validity of ticket.

The customer must have a valid ticket when boarding the waterbus. The ticket must be shown to the ticket inspector each time when boarding a waterbus and upon request. Customers must ensure their mobile device has sufficient battery life to display the ticket throughout the journey.

If a ticket purchased through the app does not open, or if the customer is otherwise unable to display a valid ticket through the app, the customer must buy a ticket using other means before the start of the journey.

Problem situations

In situations requiring investigation into the payment or use of the Island Hopping ticket purchased through Maas Global’s Whim app, please contact the service provider >>

JT-Line’s customer service will assist in general enquiries concerning waterbus operations and questions related to JT-Line’s other ticket products:
JT-line’s office (open weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm)
Phone: +358 (0)10 205 1880
Email: info@jt-line.fi

The staff on board JT-Line’s waterbuses will also provide guidance on what the various tickets offer.

JT-line Oy’s data protection

JT-Line Oy does not collect the personal data of customers purchasing Island Hopping tickets via MaaS global Oy’s Whim app.

Information on the collection and processing of personal data in the Whim app is provided in the Privacy Policy of the MaaS Global Whim User Registry >>

Passenger obligations on board JT-line Oy’s vessels

During the journey, passengers are obliged to comply with the rules of safety and order on board the vessel. The ship’s master and the deckhand shall monitor compliance with these rules. JT-Line Oy reserves the right to refuse to transport a passenger who may cause costs to the carrier or who may endanger the health of other people or otherwise restrict the rights of other passengers. A representative of the vessel may refuse to transport or may remove from the vessel a passenger who is intoxicated or disruptive, at the passenger’s expense and with no liability.