We are committed to developing our business operations in line with sustainable travel principles

The objectives of sustainable travel principles are to take both current and future financial-, social-, and environmental effects into account. Considering the needs of travellers, travel operators, travel destinations, local residents, and the environment, are all of equal importance. For us at JT-Line it is important that travelling in the archipelago retains a sense of adventure in the future also. That is why we want to take part in the execution of responsible and sustainable travel principles, and help develop the sustainability of travel in the archipelago. We want to improve the accessibility of our archipelago for everyone, and also cherishing its cultural history and nature.

Financial sustainability is vital for our business, and to continue operating long-term is also what we aim to do. To achieve this, we continue to develop our operations so that we can through our investments and acquisitions execute the sustainable travel principles underlying our business strategy and values.

For JT-Line each customer is equally important!

It is important for us to be equally considerate of all our customers, and to provide a high quality of customer service for everyone. We are working on further increasing the accessibility of our services and improving the attention to aids available onboard our vessels and piers. To guarantee the quality of our service, we train our staff and take care of their wellbeing at work. Customer feedback is also very important to us, and we have a customer feedback system in place that we actively monitor and utilise when developing our services.

Collaborating closely with other local businesses is beneficial for us and our customers

We work closely together with other businesses located at our island destinations (Lonna, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and Pihlajasaari). We also increasingly favour local products and services, and are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other local businesses in addition to our current business partners. In addition to this we are involved, and involve our customers, in the sustainability cause by committing the funds and products we donate to charity in direct correlation to our sales. This season we have chosen to support Hope Ry and the John Nurminen Foundation.

We have dedicated a page to environmental responsibility, and you can read about our environmental policy here >>

JT-Line has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland –badge in March 2021 to commend their persistent and valuable work towards sustainable travel.